Data Security - Your Data is in Our Fort Knox | Appmetrix Analytics
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Our Proprietary Architecture is Built to Ensure Your Data is Safe.

All data is stored encrypted so at no time is raw data available in a plain-text manner.

Proprietary Architecture Built From the Ground Up.

The Appmetrix platform was built with one thing in mind, speed. As a result, the architecture needed to be able to handle billions of rows of data without long query’s.


Using a number of proprietary methods, massive amounts of data can be accessed in seconds as opposed to hours resulting in a significant workflow increase and reporting capabilities.


Encryption So Secure It’s Like Fort Knox

The Appmetrix platform is engineered as a proprietary data store (not based on SQL, Hadoop or other open source back end). As this architecture is not publicly available (and hence no research can be done) it is extremely difficult for external threats to compromise the platform.


All data is stored in a central repository and is only accessible from an internal machine with very specific credentials, and is spread across multiple distributed locations and is fully encrypted across servers. As a result, even if such data is accessed, only a small piece of information would be available and with no context. Finally, data is only viewable at run time through proprietary user interface and is assembled “on the fly” resulting in no individual bit of data having the complete picture further making any data meaningless without the UI layer.



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