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See How Your Fans Can Do More Than Just Up Your View Count

Streamlined operational and measurement analytics as well as deep audience activity insights.a

See How Your Fans Can Do More Than Just Up Your View Count

From Smart TV’s to tablets and beyond, audiences across the world are viewing OTT (“Over the top”) entertainment in an increasing number of ways. To keep up with this surge, your media content’s continued success depends on understanding what attracts the masses so you can create content that’s guaranteed to appeal to them.


In addition, it is especially important to know exactly how your audience accesses this content whether it be via their mobile devices, PCs, web applications, or simply television sets.


When armed with this multi-faceted knowledge of audience preferences and behaviors, media brands are better positioned to drive both increased engagement and retention through targeted programs such as second screen activities.


The Appmetrix platform can give you all of this and more with streamlined operational and measurement analytics as well as deep audience activity insights that put you right where you want to be.


All of The Top Video Content Providers in One

Within one dashboard location you can combine your video analytics with all of your social, marketing, and other connector data and view them side by side. Having all of your important data in one place not only saves you time, but allows you to see previously overlooked advanced correlations and relationships between sentiment and viewership in real-time.


Among dozens of other connectors we offer the industry’s top content delivery network data analytics from providers such as Nielsen, Akamai, Brightcove, Zencoder, Hulu, Vimeo, YouTube, and more. We can also develop and easily add custom connectors helping you keeping everything in one place. Check out our complete list of data connectors.


We Help You Get The Data So You Can Get More Viewers

With its user-friendly interface, the Appmetrix platform makes it easy to keep track of critical data generated by all aspects of your digital content’s activity. Effectively correlate all of your traditional and online channels such as Nielsen, YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu along with all your social, marketing and other data sources in one multi-channel platform.


KPI’s include:


• Social sentiment by program and network channel

• Viewership across traditional, and OTT/second screen networks

• Concurrent users across all channels

• Video play duration by channel

• Total and average hours, minutes viewed

• Play and engagement rate

• Subscription level monitoring

• New followers and un-followers by channel



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