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You Provide the Power-Ups, We Provide the Power

Deeply understand user behaviors and how their fans are engaged across all platforms.

Helping Game Devs & Publishers Make Great Games

Whether they play it on a console, PC, web source, or mobile device, knowing what your fans like (or even dislike) about your game can be the deciding factor in its ultimate success.

The Appmetrix solution for games allows publishers to deeply understand user behaviors and how their fans are engaged across all platforms.

View critical KPI’s such as:

• Real-time retention across platforms


• Track multiple virtual economies to understand virtual economy flow


• Track unlimited custom events such as actions, locations, objects, tutorial flow, virtual items, and more


• Track lifetime value (LTV) by user and correlate with play behavior, social media buzz, and marketing costs to maximize revenue


Our Extensive Custom Behavioral Analytics

Go beyond basic analytics with our advanced Relational Taxonomy Structure (RTS) that helps you to see complex user behaviors like never before.


In addition to supporting both standard “key/value pairs” and JSON data, the Appmetrix platform’s RTS functionality combined with its scalable parallel cloud architecture delivers deep insights that other platforms just can’t deliver.


Additional features include:

• View all raw data for any user or event in real time for any time period


• Ability to ‘drill down’ to any individual user and see all raw data events


• Ability to easily modify reports and apply your own mathematical formulas


• Support for custom scripts that allow for special processing and storage of any incoming data


• Full API support for incoming data and external


• You own 100% of your data


Encryption So Secure It’s Like Fort Knox

Our lightweight SDK’s easily integrate into your game and run in a background threaded process ensuring your gameplay maintains optimal performance.


Features: Multiple integration methods provide flexibility with the amount of data collected.


Support for unlimited custom events including in-app purchases, event timers, virtual currencies, virtual items, and more.


Support for custom taxonomies as well as traditional key/value and JSON structures

…along with data provided by external third parties…

The Appmetrix platform supports automated data collection on a scheduled basis from virtually any source including; third party vendors, reference data, API’s, Excel uploads, scheduled file downloads and other database connections.


In addition, we provide a full data warehouse unlike other providers that only connect to your data. As a reult, we provide reliable access to historical data even if the data source cannot be accessed.


Send manual or automated messages to increase your mobile revenues

Numerous studies have shown that push notifications sent at the right time can significantly increase your mobile revenues and result in much higher user engagement and retention. Appmetrix allows you to send them to all your users at once or based on schedules that you define.


A recent study shows that for opted-in users, the average 30-day audience retention rate is increased by 125 percent!



The Appmetrix platform supports a number of platforms for push notifications including APN (Apple Push Notifications), GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) and WNS (Windows Notification Service). You can easily select one or all platforms for your message.


You can also determine which environment to send to, either development or production (live) to make testing easier.


The Appmetrix platform also supports deep linking allowing marketers and app developers to bring users directly to a specific location within their app with a dedicated link.




In addition to sending out messages in your preferred language, the Appmetrix platform goes beyond what other providers offer by allowing you to send your message in 26 languages.


Currently mobile platforms only allow you to send one language to all your users. Why not deliver messages in your users native language. Stop missing out on lost app revenues because your users can’t read.



Our push notification functionality allows for complete flexibility and additional parameters to be delivered with the message.


Deep Linking Support – Send messages that when opened direct your user to that special offer or promotion inside your app.


Custom Button Text – Modify your button text to suite any campaign. Perhaps a call to action button to purchase now?


Send Rewards and Virtual Content – Send rewards or other in-app virtual content using our CDN cloud delivery stack. Sending rewards along with messages is a great way to keep your users engaged and retained.



Schedule customized push notification campaigns to your users to be sent at a specific date and time and how frequently.


And because nothing is worse than sending a message and waking your customer up at 3am, each user will receive the message in their own local time zone that you specify.


In addition, you can select a particular segment of previously defined users to be sent a message thereby tailoring it just for them based on their behavior. And the coolest part is that you can decide whether to send a message to ALL your users who are a part of your segment or only to NEW users once they are part of the segment.



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