Overview - An Indepth Knowledge | Appmetrix Analytics
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Make Decisons Based on Fact, Not Fiction

Our data management platform unifies your entire data collection and reporting process empowering everyone in your organization.

Does Your Data Control You?

In today’s fast-paced world, the entertainment industry is producing more content than ever before. From streaming video, to games and mobile apps, the amount of data generated grows with every click, download, and play.


With the increasing importance of social media, companies are turning to dozens of platforms and vendors to track data, engage a wider audience, and make sure their content remains engaging to their fans.


But what about gathering and reporting on all of your disparate data? In the end, do you control your data or does it control you?

We allow you to focus on what you do best…

run your business.

Appmetrix understands the need for efficient and effective data reporting. We save companies thousands of dollars each month by automating the entire data collection, aggregation, and visualization process all within one platform.


Our technology blends live streaming data as well as virtually any other external data in one place so you can easily see complex correlations and bring context to your content.


With the Appmetrix platform, you will enjoy significant operational improvements and save countless hours of manual reporting time. Now your teams can spend time understanding and sharing data rather than fighting it.


Mission Critical Data Management Platform That Scales

The Appmetrix platform is comprised of real-time streaming data collection from virtually any source. In addition, it features on-demand data processing and cross-channel analytics as well as a broad set of visualization and data extraction capabilities. Translation…. it’s lightning fast.


We provide an enterprise level platform that delivers scalability that grows with your business.


Choose How You See Your Data with Fully Customizable Dashboards

From your choice of correlated data sources you can create unlimited reports than can individually display multiple windows for easy navigation. Each window is independent and can be formatted in any way you like to suit your visual preference.


Build report easily, on the fly, and all in real-time using our easy drag and drop data wizard tool. No SQL or other programming required.


Automated Messaging for Mobile & Smart Devices

It’s not enough just to look at your data anymore, you have to make sure you keep your customers engaged.


With our unlimited push notifications and messaging tools you can do just that using real-time searches of user segments that share common behaviors. Furthermore, you can build unlimited segments based on any attributes and even create your own custom filters. Doesn’t it feel good to be in control?


Share Data & Collaborate with Your Team Around the Office or Around the World

The Appmetrix platform allows you to share your reports across departments and offices around the world. With full support for user and group level security, Appmetrix allows you to collaborate, comment, and even “like” reports in 9 languages.

We Bring All Your Data Together In One Place.

Appmetrix provides a mission critical data management platform delivering multi-channel analytics for entertainment companies.


Our mobile, gaming, and digital media solutions allow companies to automate their entire data collection and reporting process across all departments. By doing so, we help eliminate costly manual errors and significantly increase operational efficiency by enabling decisions made with insight-based facts.




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